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Campus group builds social enterprise skills in Ƶapp students

A new student group on Ƶapp campuses, Enactus brings together students from a variety of programs and backgrounds to work on social enterprise projects and build leadership, networking and problem-solving skills.

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Executive members of Ƶapp's Enactus team are always available to connect with students and share information.

is a global network of student leaders committed to using business principles, innovation and entrepreneurship to make a positive social impact, with chapters in 33 countries and a membership base of 42,450 students. The Ƶapp team launched in September 2023 and has already developed a core of 15 to 20 students and an executive team. Now that the group is established, they’re ready to start making a difference.

The student group mix is made up of a range of ages and programs, with students working on credentials from diplomas to bachelor’s degrees. While the Enactus mission is focused on creating social impact businesses and School of Business faculty are guiding the project, students from all programs are encouraged to be part of the Ƶapp team. There is a high number of international students participating in the group. The diversity allows for hands-on leadership for everyone involved, with support and guidance from faculty advisors Brian Feltham and Coralee Czinkota.

“My hope for Enactus Ƶapp is that we make an impact on the community and provide another space for students to gain opportunities and learning experiences,” says Brandon Green, the president of the inaugural team. “I love what I’m seeing so far. The group is diverse, passionate and consistent, bringing together different backgrounds and skills.”

Understanding food insecurity on campus

Food insecurity, the lack of consistent access to nutritious food, has become a priority issue facing post-secondary students and is a theme that the Enactus team has taken on with enthusiasm. The team’s first priority is to understand how Ƶapp students experience food insecurity by engaging them with a widely distributed survey.

“We strongly support any food security-related endeavours that help our members.”

- Christine Desrocher, CCSS

Another organization on campus is working to ensure access to : the Ƶapp Student Society (CCSS). While Enactus is an independent student team and not part of the CCSS’s roster of student clubs, both groups are committed to collaboration.

“We know that students are struggling, and we’re glad to see more people taking notice," says Christine Desrocher, CCSS Membership Services Coordinator. "The CCSS considers Enactus to be part of the college and the School of Business in particular. We work with a variety of different college groups and classes at times in support of various endeavours, and we always aim to be a resource to our members whenever possible.’

The CCSS currently supports access to food for students by providing on both Ƶapp campuses, offering bread and fresh produce every week, incorporating food or snacks into events, sitting on a new college committee to address food insecurity, contributing to fundraising projects, and more. This holiday season the CCSS packed 96 food hampers for students who indicated need. You can through the Ƶapp Foundation.

Students helping students through sustainable business practices

“Healthy collaboration is an important skill for any new business, and it’s especially essential for social enterprises,” says Steven Rumpel, Associate Dean of Ƶapp’s School of Business. “The Enactus model is unique because it’s students helping students through sustainable business practices. The student members of Ƶapp’s Enactus chapter have already experienced success by building a team and identifying their goals. They’re now getting ready to tackle a social problem that impacts their classmates and friends.”

The students in Enactus have already demonstrated that they are poised to take on the challenges ahead and they continue to build momentum. We’ll be following along as they conduct their research, launch their project and start changing lives.

The Enactus team aligns with Ƶapp’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan goal of Responding to Community Needs by making it possible for students to excel in building relationships that serve the college community and their peers.

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Welcoming new members interested in positive social and environmental change from all programs.

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