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Medical/compassionate withdrawal request

The College recognizes that serious health matters or other unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances may arise for students that prevent them from successfully completing their studies. Students may request medical/compassionate withdrawal by submitting a Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Request along with any supporting documentation.

Requests are processed based on the date a complete submission is received; incomplete submissions cannot be accepted.  Requests received during the current semester (up to the last day of instruction / prior to exams) can be for withdrawal from one, some or all courses in the semester.  Tuition refunds (less deposit) will be considered for requests received before 66% of the course instructional period having occurred. Refunds will not be provided after this deadline (the date of illness/injury onset, the last day of attendance, or the date a medical professional was seen are not factors in this regard).

For most courses, the medical withdrawal process is generally unnecessary after the 66% tuition refund deadline. Students may simply withdraw themselves using  up to the last day of instruction, unless seeking retroactive withdrawal from an entire past semester.

Grounds for granting requests are determined by the Registrar, and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Valid grounds / circumstances may include:

  • serious medical emergencies, injury, or sudden significant illness (including mental health), which so impairs a student's ability to participate in class(es) that course requirements cannot be satisfied,
  • death in the family,
  • unexpected, serious illness of a dependent,
  • loss of residence (e.g. destructive house fire),
  • military transfer.

Invalid grounds may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • not being aware of (or forgetting about) a deadline,
  • not knowing how to withdraw,
  • computer or connectivity issues,
  • anticipated poor grade (or failure) in a course,
  • family events, travel plans, changing jobs,
  • not securing student loan funding sufficiently in advance,
  • not liking an instructor or their teaching style/method,
  • not enjoying course content,
  • short-term illness (e.g. flu), unless the course has a documented 100% mandatory attendance.

Dates by which a complete medical/compassionate withdrawal submission must be received to be considered for tuition refund:

Special request for medical/compassionate withdrawal from a past semester

After the last day of instruction, a special request for retroactive withdrawal can be requested.

Special requests for retroactive medical withdrawal from a full semester will be considered only if the student was incapacitated to the extent they were unable to withdraw during the semester instructional period (prior to final exam period).  Retroactive requests must be for all courses in the semester; requests for partial withdraws from past semesters will not be accepted.  In addition to the form, retroactive withdrawal requests must include supporting documentation from a health care provider which confirms the student was medically incapable of contacting the college at the time (diagnosis is not requested, only the impact of the condition /situation on the student’s ability to withdraw).  Special requests for retroactive withdrawal should typically be submitted within three years of the semester.

If you have questions after reading the above information and reviewing the form, please email your question to MedicalCompassionateWithdrawal@camosun.ca

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