Ƶapp Student Society Fees and Levies

ճ (CSS) supports many initiatives through levies passed by student referenda.

Fees and Levies are effective as of September 1

Students who are members of the must pay these non-refundable fees and levies according to published fee deadlines.

Levy to support athletics programming
$5.29 per month$5.50 per month
Fee for Advocacy and membership in the BC Federation of Students
$2.65 per month$2.75 per month
Building Fund
Designed to raise funds to build a Student Society building at some point in the future
$4.78 per month$4.97 per month
Fee for membership to the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
$0.49 per month$0.63 per month
Levy supports the ongoing Ƶapp Student Society operations and services
$13.50 per month$14.03 per month
Child Care
Levy to support students as parents and the Ƶapp Daycare Centres
$1.29 per month$1.34 per month
To enhance recreation programming and services at both campuses
$3.69 per month$3.83 per month
Recycled Paper
Levy to raise funds to work in partnership with Ƶapp to move toward using only recycled paper throughout the college
$0.16 per month$0.17 per month
Student Refugee Program
Levy to support the refugee-sponsorship program
$1.25 per month$1.30 per month

Levy represents 25% of the cost of an adult monthly bus pass, less a $1/month subsidy from parking revenues

$20.25 per month$20.25 per month
Levy to provide student society members (students) and their dependents with 24/7 virtual access to licensed health care professionals (12 months of coverage)
$35 per year$36.00 per year
Student Benefits Plan
Levy to provide most students with Extended Health and Dental benefits (12 months coverage)
$294 per year$306 per year

CCSS Student Benefits Plan

Most full-time students who pay Student Society fees and levies are required to participate in the CCSS Student Benefits Plan. Eligible students (those enrolled in credit courses, taking 60 hours or more in the first 7 weeks of class) will be automatically assessed health and dental fees at the time of registration. The fees for the Student Benefits Plan are for 12 months of coverage.

To get a Student Benefits Plan booklet and more information on the plan, contact the , or visit .

Student Benefit Plan opt-out

Students with existing coverage may choose to .

a dental student practices a procedure on a teaching mannequin in a dentist office

Health and Dental Plan

Ƶapp's Student Society Health and Dental coverage.

Contact information

CCSS Student Benefits Plan office

Campus location

Lansdowne: Fisher Building 101B

Campus location

Interurban: Liz Ashton Campus Centre (LACC) 111